Q: Is my data safe?

A: 100% safe. We only work with advisors and brokers who are directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We will never pass your details to anyone else.

Q: Is this service free?

A: Yes, completely free to use.

Q: Why should I compare?

A: High street banks and insurers spend lots of money on TV and newspaper advertising to encourage you to buy products just from them. Only by comparing all of them together can you see who has the deal that’s best for you.

Q: When I apply, what happens next?

A: Once you click “Get Quotes Now” our partner team of experts will begin searching the market for deals that apply to you. We’ll call you back to get a few more details and then send you a list of quotes that match your criteria.

Q: Can I call you?

A: Yes, if you just click the product you’re looking for and dial the number on that page, you can speak to one of our team about the product you’re looking for. For enquiries or questions about this site, please email hello@expertcompare.co.uk.

Q: Am I under any obligation to buy the product you suggest?

A: None whatsoever. Our partners will present you with a range of options but at the end of the day, the decision is yours.

Q: Can I request to be called at certain time?

A: Yes absolutely, you can either apply or call when you’re ready to compare a policy or you can request that we call you back at a certain time.

Q: I have bad credit, can you still help?

A: There are a range of options available for everyone.